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In 2016 news outlets reported on thousands of malnourished sea lion pups. These pups were washing up on beaches malnourished and starving. There was consensus that a drop in anchovy and sardine populations were the cause. The pups mothers have a difficult time finding food close to their nursuries. The mothers have to travel farther to find the anchovy and sardine they feed on. This means they are too far aware to nurse their pups . What caused this drop? The weather phenomenon 'El Nino' may have contributed. But another cause was the over harvesting of these anchovy and sardine populations.

Sardine and anchovy are more well known as snack fish and pizza topping. But they are also ground into fish pellets to create food for farm-raised fish. And some of these farm raised fish are not a substitute for industrial caught wild fish. They are fish for recreation, dumped into ponds, lakes and streams.

There are not enough native fish in ponds and streams to please the demand of fishermen. Decades of mismanaging natural resources have decimated native fish stocks. This includes overfishing and bad catch and release skills. So states raise fish in tanks for recreation. The state treasuries need the revenue recreational fishing generates.

But what if native fish populations were able to rebound? What if we cleaned the water they live in? What if fish populations could recover because they were not injured or killed for fun? What if you could "catch" the same fish over and over without doing it harm?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves. And one of the answers was KindFishing. Enjoying the best fishing has to offer without the worst.

Fish more. Do no harm.
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