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KindFishing with Kids

Many younger children may not realized that hooking a fish causes it stress and pain. To some, fish are simply another object in front of them for amusement. KindFishing is a great way to reinforce empathy and respect for all life forms.
If your child is disappointed not being able to hook fish, help them notice a side of fishing they were not expecting. For example, the tendency for fish like pond sunnies to forage together for food. The ability to convince the fish to come a bit closer to where your kids are fishing. The ability to engage with a fish for a longer period of time.
If you fish at locations where others are fishing with hooks gauge your child's reaction if she notices them.  If she questions why people are fishing with hooks,, help her to not judge them. Instead explain it as a choice.  People who KindFish are going to have to accept the fact that most people fishing near them will be using hooks. By respecting the choices others make, your child may help lead those others to reconsider the choice they made to fish with hooks.
It may also be a good idea to help your child understand the common threads between all anglers. Almost all anglers want clean water and healthier environments for fish. We all share an appreciation of the outdoors, clean air and being in nature. We all appreciate the time spent with family and friends.  
We should make sure that we are teaching our kids respect and tolerance for those with different beliefs than ourselves. This may open opportunities for your kids to be KindFishing ambassadors and this may lead to a broader desire to show kindness to all animals.
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