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Our story began in 2015 at the same small pond where as children we learned to fish with hooks. As children then, we did not appreciate the harm we caused to the fish we pursued. It would be visible the next morning. Bloodied, mangled lips as they floated dead near the runoff drain. Some with hooks and line still attached.

That day in 2015, we stood at the same pond, but now more enlightened. We now accept that fish feel pain. We now understand that damaging the environemt for recreation is wrong. Hurting animals for recreation is wrong. We knew that we could no longer fish with hooks.

But we also remembered sweet smell of the water in the morning. We remembered the feel of a rod and reel and how it felt to cast one well. We remembered the great, well made gear. We decided to enjoy the best of what fishing offers without the worst.

So that day is 2015 we clipped the hooks off of a couple of our fly-fishing flies and went fishing.

As our flies floated on the surface, fish after fish approached to explore, nibble, or grab & run with the fly. After a fish finished playing with the fly, she would spit it out. Instead of terror in the fish there was curiosity. Instead of pain there was play. When bored, a fish would swim away to rest or find real food. We called it KindFishing.

With KindFishing there is no lying about the size of the one that got away. They all get away.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, KindFishing is for you. If you care about about animal welfare, KindFishing is for you. If you care about the environment, KindFishing is for you.

If you love the outdoors, the sounds and smells of water, KindFishing is for you. If you like the calming, meditative and restorative joy of casting a line, KindFishing is for you. If you love great fishing gear and want to support craft rod, reel, and gear makers, KindFishing is for you.

KindFishing is for everyone. Fish more. Do no harm.
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